Upshaw Insurance Agency is a dynamic company known for its energetic, team-oriented work environment.   We provide opportunities for career growth and advancement to employees at all levels.   Upshaw Insurance Agency offers excellent benefits and competitive salaries.  If you’re looking for a career at an extraordinary company, Upshaw Insurance Agency is the place for you. 

Why do our employees enjoy working at Upshaw?  We asked, and this is what they had to say:

I enjoy working at Upshaw because of the people and ownership that make up the organization. We do not answer to somebody in San Francisco or New York City. Our people and management are down the hall and welcome any and all questions or suggestions. Upshaw relies on its’ people to make their customers happy, and they, in turn, make this a happy place to work.

– Riley Shankle

There are many reasons why I enjoy working at Upshaw, let’s start with I have felt like family not just an employee from day one. Since coming to work here I have been able to flourish with my career and help with the growth of our team in the benefits department to be one of the best all-around. I am always proud to tell anyone I meet who I work for and what we do in all departments of our agency. Upshaw is a place that respects their employees and allows them to develop relationships not only with our customers but each other as well to make it an environment I am happy to call home. And with the COVID 19 issue, Upshaw has truly gone above and beyond to help make sure their employees and their families are all safe by providing the tools and support needed to ensure that we can still help our clients to our Upshaw standard while working from home or the office with the changes in our society. Like I said there are many reasons, but the bottom line is I appreciate every minute I am blessed to call Upshaw my family and home.

– Stacia Merriett

Upshaw inspires personal and professional growth and empowers us to do so. We are given the tools and support that we need to do our jobs, help our clients and coworkers, and grow as professionals and individuals. The work environment is professional, yet comfortable and like being with family.

– Pam Black

I enjoy working for Upshaw because It’s an organization that puts people first. Upshaw is a locally owned company that takes pride in the communities that it serves, and it treats its employees like family. I like that we get to know our clients personally and build lasting relationships. Upshaw empowers its employees to be the best that they can be and to continue to grow both professionally and personally. I feel very lucky to call Upshaw my professional family.

– Brittany Patterson

Upshaw promotes and rewards a strong work ethic. Employees are equipped with top-notch technology and resources making us efficient in doing our jobs. Upshaw encourages its employees to grow professionally; time and resources are offered to those looking to pursue advanced professional designations. I love working at Upshaw!

– Cassie Gabel

I enjoy working at Upshaw because everyone takes pride in what they are doing and always goes above and beyond to get anything accomplished.

– Jonathan Plumley

Upshaw is a great place to work because of the people. Everyone at Upshaw is a team player, kind, and willing to work with you to help you grow as an employee. Upshaw is a small and unique insurance company that cares about its employees as well as the customers they insure. The attitude of teamwork and the determination to provide excellence for those we insure makes Upshaw a great place to work.

– Jeni Ward



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